The Butter Creme Coffee CakeButter Creme Coffee CakeThe Butter Creme Coffee Cake is a ten inch buttery, flaky, tender Danish dough, filled with our melt away butter creme filling.


The Grand ClassicThe Holiday Grand ClassicThe Grand Classic contains the famous Butter Creme Coffee Cake in the center, along with a blueberry, apple cinnamon and carrot cake muffin, two chocolate chip and two oatmeal cookies, a danish walnut bar, cream cheese iced apple bar, two brownies, three old fashioned kalackies, and four packages of brightly decorated butter cookies.


The ClassicThe ClassicThe Classic contains a famous Butter Creme Coffee Cake, along with a blueberry and a carrot cake muffin, three old fashioned kalackies, a brownie and four packages of brightly decorated butter cookies.


The Sampler
The SamplerThe Sampler contains the famous Butter Creme coffeecake, along with three assorted muffins, two chocolate nut brownies, a danish walnut slice, an apple bar slice, four rogatas, four diamonds filled with apricot and strawberry filling, four large assorted cookies, eight beautifully decorated butter cookies.

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Deluxe Brownie Assortment
2012deluxebrownie19 large slices of our favorite assortment of brownies!  Fudgy walnut, chocolate caramel, and our very own deluxe brownies made with a layer of chocolate chip cookie, chocolate cookie crumble and moist brownie all topped with creamy peanut butter, smooth fudge frosting and crushed oven roasted peanuts.

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Old Fashoned KalackysOld Fashoned Kalackys18 delicious Kalackys in a variety of fruit and cream cheese toppings baked on our rich and flaky pastries.  This is a dessert that is sure to delight everyone!

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Butter Cookies
Butter CookiesOne pound of beautifully decorated Butter Cookies.


Cookies & BrowniesHoliday Cookies & BrowniesAn array of decorated butter cookies (3/4 lb.) along with five chocolate nut brownies.


Delectable Cake TowerDelectable Cake TowerFour Apricot and Strawberry Diamonds, three loaves of Pumpkin, Banana, & Blueberry Bread along with our famous Butter Creme Coffee Cake.


Confectionery TowerConfectionery TowerFour fruit filled Kalackys, our famous Butter Creme Coffee Cake, and six delicious slices of Danish Walnut & Chocolate Nut Brownies.


Double Delight Tower
Double Delight TowerA Tray filled with scrumptious chocolate nut brownies and our famous Butter Creme coffeecake.

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Danish DelightDanish DelightFour fruit filled Kalackies, our famous Butter Creme Coffee Cake.


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